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Think you may have a virus?

Try one of these 2 online scanners to check and remove them.

TrendMicro online virus scanner
BitDefender online virus scanner

Virus removal tools - Provided by Symantec

New Spam & Virus Service

Mimecast™ email security services are a critical defense to protect against advanced threats and data loss. With their comprehensive enterprise-grade email protection, you and your organization can breathe easier.

Mimecast solves critical email security issues with:

-- Targeted Threat Protection

-- Spam and Multi-Layered Malware Protection

-- Secure Messaging and Endcryption

-- Data Leak Prevention

-- Secure Large File Sharing

-- Email Continuity

The Mimecast cloud-based service means always on, always up-to-date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional offerings. Added benefits of email cloud services provided by Mimecast include flexible and granular email security controls. For more information call our sales department at 701-298-3725.

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Tired of Spyware?

What is Spyware?

  • Spyware is any application that tracks your online behavior without your knowledge or consent.
  • Spyware infects 9 out of 10 PCs connected to the Internet and has eclipsed viruses as the #1 threat to online privacy.
  • Spyware comes in many forms including adware, Trojans, system monitors, home page hijackers, keyloggers and more.

If you think you have spyware, contact us and we can assist you in the removal and prevention of future infections

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